Tenant Empowerment

Tenant Empowerment Programme

Council tenants have a statutory Right to Manage their homes. We have direct access to government funding to enable tenants and residents explore the options for greater involvement in the management and running of local services.

We’re a Government-approved ‘Lead Advice Agency’ we have been approved since 1992 and have played a key role in helping to establish many successful, thriving Tenant Management Organisations.

This means we can bid for money to support and work with residents at all stages of exploring the options for greater involvement and control. We can also advise and support existing TMOs on reviews of management functions and agreements, and their ongoing governance and staffing. 

Our tenant management service includes:

  • Advising and supporting residents through the Right to Manage Process – pre-feasibility, feasibility and development
  • Helping with recruitment and selection of staff and contractors
  • Training and support to TMO Boards and staff
  • Auditing performance
  • Advising on Modular Management Agreements
  • Negotiating and Maintenance Allowances

This is not Business as Usual:

Key stages of the process involve service providers signing up to new ways of doing things. Participation is not enough, local communities are supported and empowered to play a central role in devising and implementing strategies for its own improvement and regeneration. 


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