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Latest version of the Northumberland Park Resident Charter

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Dear Resident


Thank you for visiting our page. This is the latest version of the Northumberland park resident charter for regeneration.

We have put this together following extensive consultation across Northumberland Park through door knocking, walkabouts, street stalls and visits to residents over the past few months.

The action tracker designed to track the key outputs arising from the Resident Charter and tracks the outcomes.

We are very interested in hearing your views on what has been expressed and anything you think needs to be highlighted. Please send us your comments using the box below by Sunday 30th September at the latest.



Final version of the Baseline Expectations Report

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Dear Resident,


Thank you for visiting our page. This is the final version of the Baseline Expectation Report which details what you expect to see from the regeneration of your area.

This document forms the basis of our Resident Charter which we are currently consulting on.

Please take time to read through it and feel free to get in touch with us by email if you have any comments by using the form below.

















Fuller Slade – December 2017 latest news

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To keep you updated with the latest news on your Estate  please click on the links:

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) PPCR Update and Frequently Asked Questions – December 2018

Read Fullers Slade Residents Steering Group’s Newsletter Fullers Slade Newsletter December 2017

Read the residents survey report Fuller Slade Survey Summary – December 2017

Read the summary of the residents survey illustrated with graphs Fuller Slade Survey Summary charts – December 2017

Details of up and coming PPCR Workshops

Saturday 6th January 2018, 12.30pm-2.30pm at Galley Hill Meeting Place, Buckley Court, Barford, Galley Hill, MK11 1PE

Wednesday 17th January 2018, 4pm-6pm at the Rowans Family Centre


Milton Keynes Council Committee meeting – 2nd January 2018 –

Here is the link to CMiS which lists all meetings within the council agenda and minutes. http://cmis.milton-keynes.gov.uk/milton-keynes/Calendar/tabid/70/ctl/ViewMeetingPublic/mid/397/Meeting/5624/Committee/1169/Default.aspx


You can see the notes to the meeting where the No option was discussed here http://cmis.milton-keynes.gov.uk/milton-keynes/Document.ashx?czJKcaeAi5tUFL1DTL2UE4zNRBcoShgo=%2bWrkZG9GBZL87Pu1g0vfaECMGstkn5IPE77pHYJktWDUDq3gMYOJqw%3d%3d&rUzwRPf%2bZ3zd4E7Ikn8Lyw%3d%3d=pwRE6AGJFLDNlh225F5QMaQWCtPHwdhUfCZ%2fLUQzgA2uL5jNRG4jdQ%3d%3d&mCTIbCubSFfXsDGW9IXnlg%3d%3d=hFflUdN3100%3d&kCx1AnS9%2fpWZQ40DXFvdEw%3d%3d=hFflUdN3100%3d&uJovDxwdjMPoYv%2bAJvYtyA%3d%3d=ctNJFf55vVA%3d&FgPlIEJYlotS%2bYGoBi5olA%3d%3d=NHdURQburHA%3d&d9Qjj0ag1Pd993jsyOJqFvmyB7X0CSQK=ctNJFf55vVA%3d&WGewmoAfeNR9xqBux0r1Q8Za60lavYmz=ctNJFf55vVA%3d&WGewmoAfeNQ16B2MHuCpMRKZMwaG1PaO=ctNJFf55vVA%3d


This has been refereed to cabinet which the next meeting is set 2nd January 2018 and can be followed here http://cmis.milton-keynes.gov.uk/milton-keynes/Committees/tabid/170/ctl/ViewCMIS_CommitteeDetails/mid/586/id/1172/Default.aspx

PPCR Drop in Session at the Rowan Family Centre – 2017/2018 dates

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PPCR are running monthly drop-in sessions at the Rowans Family Centre, last Wednesday of each month, 3.30pm to 6.30pm

  • 29 November
  • 31 January
  • 28 February
  • 28 March
  • 25 April
  • 30 May
  • 27 June
  • 25 July
  • 29 August
  • 26 September

Consultation on Residents Offers

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Between 13th November 2017 and 19th January 2018 YourMK are running a consultation on these draft offers for residents.

The resident offers in are draft at this stage. It is important that you read and fully understand the offers that apply to you.

Here are the documents for consultation and the summary Fullers Slade stock condition survey for information:


Exhibition Boards

YourMK Policy Guide and Draft Offers – November 2017

Summary of Capital Replacement Work

PPCR are on hand to answer your questions and concerns. Please use this form to contact us with your queries, questions and concerns.

PPCR November 2017 Workshops and Residents Feedback

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PPCR, your independent Advisor held 2 workshops

on Monday 20th November (4pm-6pm) and Wednesday 22 November (6.40pm-8.45pm)


The purpose of the workshops was to explain in details YourMK’s policy Guide and Draft Resident Offers’ as part of the current consultation process.

The workshops provided residents with an opportunity to raise questions with PPCR and to forward specific comments and question back to YourMK to, a) feed into the consultation process and, b) to respond to specific questions raised. These points are captured below.

Here are the PPCR presentations which were handed-out at the workshops as well as the residents feedback and the questions raised by residents:

YourMK Homeowners Workshop

YourMK Tenants Workshop

Valuation presentation adapted for PPCR Fullers Slade Homeowners WorkshopYourMK Tenants Workshop

Workshop feedback final