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PPCR at Fullers Slade

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Ron, Helen and Pamela – Three of PPCR Independent Advisors

PPCR are the independent advisors for the residents of Fullers Slade. We will provide support and advice to residents, focusing on the potential changes might affects individual households. We want to ensure that Fullers Slade residents are empowered to take full part in the process through providing useful information, independent advice and training.  If you want to find out more about our role in Fullers Slade click on the link PPCR, the Independent Resident Advisor at Fullers Slade

From the 23rd August Helen and Pamela will be knocking at your door to introduce themselves, and to find out what you think about living in Fullers Slade, how best to communicate information to you and how you want your views to be heard.

PPCR are collecting the above information with a short survey. If you prefer to complete the survey online click on the link A short questionnaire about Fullers Slade and don’t forget to write your PPCR reference Number in the box at the beginning of the survey.


Come to the Creating Your Community Vision on Friday 25th August 2017, 2pm to 8pm, at Spider Park.

This is your opportunity to learn more about the possible changes for Fullers Slade, myth and fact, policy, refurbishment/rebuild, stock condition data. Shepeard Epstien Hunter the Masterplanners and YourMK Team will be running the event and PPCR will be there to assist you.

Please come along!


Fullers Slade

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PPCR at Fullers Slade

We are very pleased to be selected by Fullers Slade residents to provide Independent Resident Advisor Services. We met lots of local people at the selection event on Saturday 29th July and look forward to meeting more.

PPCR, stands for Public Participation, Consultation and Research. We were established in 1989. We have worked with all types of communities looking to have a real say in the regeneration and renewal of their neighbourhoods.

How we work

We are positively committed to successful housing regeneration and refurbishment through empowering local people. As government approved Lead Advisors, we have been involved in supporting resident groups and resident led organisations in developing resident empowerment initiatives for over two decades.

From our discussions with people on Saturday, we know that many Fullers Slade residents feel unsure about what the future holds. We know that people have lots of questions about what regeneration for Fullers Slade will mean.  It will be part of our job to work with individuals as well as the whole community to get answers to these questions.


Making the right choices

A central part of our work is to help local people make the right regeneration choices.

We work to engage with and support everyone affected by regeneration in an open, transparent and consistent way. We will provide support to help all residents engage at a level that suits them. We will also work to help achieve common ground with Your MK, so that the Fullers Slade regeneration is a success – developing the homes and a place that residents want.


Our 5 key principles

  1. Treating residents with respect.
  2. Consulting with us in a meaningful way.
  3. Using plain language and being truthful.
  4. Being clear about which aspects of the plans are deliverable and which are just ideas.
  5. Being open about how decisions are made and the opportunity for meaningful resident input.



Being accessible and available

As Independent Resident Advisors, a central part of our job is to successfully engage with all sectors of the community living in Fullers Slade. Our aim is to ensure that residents are empowered to take a full part in the regeneration process, through the supply of effective information, training and visits to other schemes.


We’re working out our programme for Fullers Slade and will publish this soon.

Central Hill – Valuation workshop – Q&A

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On the 9 May PPCR ran a Valuation workshop for all the Leaseholders.

Below is the list of questions  leaseholders asked at the workshop and the reply from LB Lambeth.

Valuation workshops Q and As from LB Lambeth


If you missed the Valuation workshop here is a copy of the Presentation

Valuation Presentation




Silchester East and West – Options Appraisal has been put on hold

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Update on the Options Appraisal

RBKC were due to hold consultation events on the Options Appraisal for Silchester East and West in July and September, with a Cabinet decision expected in November 2017. A Draft Leaseholder and Freeholder Options Policy was also due to be considered by Cabinet on 29 June, following a borough-wide consultation.

Given the catastrophic tragedy at Grenfell Tower, all work on the Options Appraisal and on the Leaseholder and Freeholder Policy has been put on hold. The study trip, weekly drop-ins, housing needs surveys, forthcoming residents’ meetings related to the Options Appraisal and the July and September consultation events will all be postponed.

Please go to https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/newsroom/council-capital-projects/silchester-east-and-west
for further update. RBKC will update these pages and write to Silchester residents again when they have further information.

Central Hill – Development Management Team

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Have you say on the Development Management Team (DMT)

The Council need your help in appointing the DM Team which will carry out the Masterplanning of Central Hill.

There are 4 short-listed teams who will be competing for this important job. The successful DMT will design the new estate in collaboration with the residents. The Masterplan designs will then be submitted for a planning application. If the planning approval is achieved the DMT will plan and oversee the delivery of the new homes.

Come to one of the Exhibitions at the Lunham Road Day Centre:

  • Saturday 17th June, 10am to 2pm
  • or Tuesday 20th June, 6pm to 8pm

At the Exhibitions the prospective Teams will be presenting themselves, their experience and their track-records. This will be your opportunity to quiz each teams and to score each teams. This scoring will help the Council decide who will be  the successful Development Management Team.

To help you decide please read the Your guide to the exhibition booklet which list the Teams and a summary of their experience.

For a full update on the Key stages of the development please go to http://estateregeneration.lambeth.gov.uk/central_hill


If you want to be part of the interview process for the Teams bidding to be the successful DMT, PPCR will be giving free training for the interview process. The training will include looking at questions you might want to put to be bidders. If you are interested in getting free interviewing training please contact PPCR by completing the form below: