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Silchester Estate East and West – Options for the redevelopment of Silchester Estate

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To see all the designs options

  • Please click to see the Red Line map to find out which blocks are including in the redevelopment scheme

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Silchester Estate – Keeping you informed

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Weekly drop-in sessions

If you have any questions or worries about your housing, please come and meet with Helen Redd, your Independent Resident Adviser, at the weekly drop-in sessions,

on Fridays between 2pm and 5.30pm
at the Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea
ADKC Centre,
Whitstable House,
Silchester Road W10 6SB.



To keep you updated about news on the redevelopment of Silchester Estate please read the latest Newsletter

Newsletter – February 2017

Newsletter – January 2017


If you have a question for Helen Redd please complete the form below and Helen will answer your queries. Alternatively, you can contact her 0n Freephone 0800 317 066 for landlines or on 020 7407 7452 for mobiles.


Suffolk TMO

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Suffolk TMO asked PPCR for their expertise in reviewing all their policies and procedures outside of standard Hackney practice – including staff management processes, procurement and management of finance.


With the help of Loraine at PPCR Suffolk TMO achieved the NFTMO KiteMark award which recognise that Suffolk TMO provide above standard performance for staff and customers

PPCR evaluated Board and staff training needs which was delivered through In The Driving Seat courses

PPCR advised Suffolk TMO on their Business continuity planning to establish a contingency plan to deal with emergencies

PPCR also advised Suffolk TMO about collecting former tenant arrears thus creating a new service and source of income

Clapton Park TMO

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PPCR has been engaged by the Board to restructure the TMO (Tenant Management Organisation) including a review of  the staff roles with a view to modernise the organisation and provide best Value for Money


PPCR is currently helping CPMO in the detailed review of their Finance Procedure and levels of financial authority, as well as looking at the role of the Finance Manager

PPCR is advising CPMO to take a radical approach with the management of Repairs and repair procurement establishing clear set of policies and procedures for all aspects of work outside of standard Hackney Council practice


Lordship South TMO – PPCR is working with LSTMO to review their Business Plan

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PPCR has provided detailed training for staff and PPCR is currently reviewing LSTMO procedures and the Business Plan.


With PPCR help LSTMO bought cleaning and grounds maintenance staff in house from Pinnacle

LSTMO recruited two new member of staff, a Housing Benefit Assistant and an Officer. PPCR trained them both thoroughly in housing management process

LSTMO is currently reviewing with PPCR help the income from Hall Hire and Parking Permits and is looking for other sources of income


Copley RSG – Visioning Day on the 28th January 2017

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On Saturday 28th January, members of the Copley Residents Steering Group gathered at the Holiday Inn in Kensington to discuss their vision for the regenerated estate.

Lead by Amanda and Abraham from PPCR, the group worked hard throughout the day to create a common vision for the estate. To implement the vision  they discussed how to influence the regeneration, and created a strategic approach.  At the end of the day, they refined the vision and set out a mission, goals and milestones for the year ahead.

They talked in details about which types of homes, gardens, green spaces, landscaping,  spaces to socialise,  community spaces, mentoring, leisure,  children playgrounds, local shops,  public transport and parking they would like to see developed on the Estate for the whole community.  They also discuss a business model to make all this possible and viable in the long term.

Copley has a diverse cultural background, every one needs to feel included, different cultures, young and old, families and singles need to feel part of the Copley Community.

It was a very productive day for the Steering Group Members. The group worked well together. The next steps will be highlighted in the next Newsletter.

Here are some photos of the Steering Groups members at work.

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