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PPCR at Fullers Slade

We are very pleased to be selected by Fullers Slade residents to provide Independent Resident Advisor Services. We met lots of local people at the selection event on Saturday 29th July and look forward to meeting more.

PPCR, stands for Public Participation, Consultation and Research. We were established in 1989. We have worked with all types of communities looking to have a real say in the regeneration and renewal of their neighbourhoods.

How we work

We are positively committed to successful housing regeneration and refurbishment through empowering local people. As government approved Lead Advisors, we have been involved in supporting resident groups and resident led organisations in developing resident empowerment initiatives for over two decades.

From our discussions with people on Saturday, we know that many Fullers Slade residents feel unsure about what the future holds. We know that people have lots of questions about what regeneration for Fullers Slade will mean.  It will be part of our job to work with individuals as well as the whole community to get answers to these questions.


Making the right choices

A central part of our work is to help local people make the right regeneration choices.

We work to engage with and support everyone affected by regeneration in an open, transparent and consistent way. We will provide support to help all residents engage at a level that suits them. We will also work to help achieve common ground with Your MK, so that the Fullers Slade regeneration is a success – developing the homes and a place that residents want.


Our 5 key principles

  1. Treating residents with respect.
  2. Consulting with us in a meaningful way.
  3. Using plain language and being truthful.
  4. Being clear about which aspects of the plans are deliverable and which are just ideas.
  5. Being open about how decisions are made and the opportunity for meaningful resident input.



Being accessible and available

As Independent Resident Advisors, a central part of our job is to successfully engage with all sectors of the community living in Fullers Slade. Our aim is to ensure that residents are empowered to take a full part in the regeneration process, through the supply of effective information, training and visits to other schemes.


We’re working out our programme for Fullers Slade and will publish this soon.