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Central Hill – Development Management Team

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Have you say on the Development Management Team (DMT)

The Council need your help in appointing the DM Team which will carry out the Masterplanning of Central Hill.

There are 4 short-listed teams who will be competing for this important job. The successful DMT will design the new estate in collaboration with the residents. The Masterplan designs will then be submitted for a planning application. If the planning approval is achieved the DMT will plan and oversee the delivery of the new homes.

Come to one of the Exhibitions at the Lunham Road Day Centre:

  • Saturday 17th June, 10am to 2pm
  • or Tuesday 20th June, 6pm to 8pm

At the Exhibitions the prospective Teams will be presenting themselves, their experience and their track-records. This will be your opportunity to quiz each teams and to score each teams. This scoring will help the Council decide who will be  the successful Development Management Team.

To help you decide please read the Your guide to the exhibition booklet which list the Teams and a summary of their experience.

For a full update on the Key stages of the development please go to


If you want to be part of the interview process for the Teams bidding to be the successful DMT, PPCR will be giving free training for the interview process. The training will include looking at questions you might want to put to be bidders. If you are interested in getting free interviewing training please contact PPCR by completing the form below:




Central Hill – New Tenancy Agreements and Shared Ownership Leases June Workshops

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Further to the Council decision to regenerate the Central Hill estate, the Council with PPCR will be running workshops for tenants and leaseholders in early June. The workshop were due to be run on the 20th and 24th May unfortunately they had to be postponed, as the Council’s new Tenancy Agreements and Shared Ownership Leases will not be available until early June.


Meanwhile if you have any questions or concerns, come and talk with Helen or Pamela at our drop-in sessions 1st Tuesday of each month at the Resource Centre (behind the shop), we are there between 3pm and 7pm.

Helen Redd
Pamela Kovachich


Please use the form below if you have any questions you want us to answer now.



Central Hill will be rebuilt

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Decision on the future of Central Hill estate

To find out what is happening next following the decision of Cabinet on the 23 March to move forward with the rebuilding Central Hill Estate please click on the link to see some  important dates


If you have any concerns or questions following the Cabinet decision you can attend PPCR, your Independent Resident Advisor’s Drop-in session every Tuesdays 3pm to 7pm at the Resource Centre (behind the shop) and speak to Helen Redd and Pamela Kovachich or you call them on Freephone number on 0800 317 066 for landlines or 0207 4077452 for mobiles or email them at

  • If you are a tenant and want to move out of the estate, you will need to register for Band A status in the Choice Based Lettings system. Please contact Paul Gordon,  Rehousing Officer, Lambeth Council. Paul Gordon can talk you through the process and let you know how you register for Band A. Go and talk to Paul Gordon at the Housing Office on Lunham Road every Tuesday between 1pm and 5pm.  Alternatively, you could call him on 020 7926 0385 to make an appointment.

  • If you are a leaseholder,  want to move out of the estate, you need to speak to the buyback officer Jackie Thomas. To make an appointment with her, please call Jackie Thomas on 020 7926 3522 or email her at

  • If you need an independent valuation please contact the RICS – Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors website

    You can find a list of independent surveyor at or you can contact their Consumer helpline, where they can give you up to 30 minutes of free advice over the phone with a RICS qualified Chartered Surveyor on 02476 868 555



You can use the form below to contact Helen Redd or Pamela Kovachich for independent advise about your housing concerns.

Helen Redd
Pamela Kovachich


Central Hill January 2017

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The future of Central Hill estate – an update

Sue Foster, the Strategic Director for Neighbourhoods and Growth, has written to Central Hill residents to confirm that the future of the estate will be considered by the Council’s March cabinet

Details of the Cabinet meeting, along with the report that will be discussed, will be online in due course.

Residents can speak at the cabinet meeting. To do this, you need to contact democratic services before the day of the meeting, explaining what element of the proposals you would like to speak about. This can be done by calling 020 7926 1065 or email 

To read more:

Central Hill Regeneration Proposals – Consultation, 15 October to 14 November

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The Council is to consult on the proposed improvements to the key guarantees.  The Council have been writing to all residents directly affected by the regeneration proposals – setting out the improvements and asking for residents’ comments, as well as on any other issues residents think the council should consider in the key guarantees.

Residents have received a letter and an information booklet. The information is available on the Council website as below:

The Council will be available over the next six weeks to speak to people about the key guarantees, at a drop in event and by appointment. The consultation closes on Monday 14th November.


PPCR, your tenant and leaseholder Advisor, will be holding separate meetings for tenants and leaseholders primarily around the tenancy agreements and shared ownership lease. The meetings will also be an opportunity to provide information to you, the residents, take your questions about the key guarantees and collect any further questions relating to the Council’s current regeneration consultation.

The dates of the PPCR meetings do not clash with the council’s consultation programme and will provides PPCR with enough time to feedback any questions to legal advisor and/or the Council before its consultation period ends on 14th November 2014.

 If you have any comment you would like to pass on to the Council regarding the Key Guarantees or other issues or if you have any queries you would like PPCR, your independent Advisor, to answer, please complete the form below with your telephone number if it is your preferred way of communication.



Knight’s Walk

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Following an interviewing process, PPCR were selected by Knight’s Walk Resident Association to provide Independent Advice for all the residents affected by the proposed regeneration of Knight’s Walk.

To be successful, the regeneration has to be Council and the Community led – working in partnership. PPCR will work with the residents and Lambeth, to set up a Resident Engagement Panel. This Panel will formally engage with the Council as a Sounding Board for ideas.

PPCR are here to assist and support the residents to develop a ‘vision’ for the area and the Community, draw out information and examine proposals in depth. PPCR will provide you, the tenants and freeholders with support at groups and on 1 to 1 basis to help all the residents engage at a level that suits them.

The next stage is about to developing the Master Plan for the area. This will be the key document for looking at what happens next. PPCR will provide advice and support to the residents and assist them in fully exploring the options, as well as getting the answers to the key concerns and priorities of tenants and freeholders. So that the Knight’s Walk regeneration is a success – developing homes and a place to live which residents want.

You can contact PPCR, call us on 0207 407 7452 or our Freephone number 0800 317 066 (for landlines) and ask for Ron or Loraine, or by emailing them at

Please read PPCR & Knights Walk – 1st Newsletter

  • To find out more please visit Knight’s Walk regeneration on the Lambeth Council website
  • There are also some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which you might want to consult.