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Residents Priorities for Improving Northumberland Park

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From summer 2016 until early 2017 PPCR carried out detailed and wide-ranging consultation in Northumberland Park to draw together residents’ aspirations and expectations for regeneration and produced a report detailing these themes – ‘the Baseline Expectations Report’.

Since the report was written, the council changed its policy for the delivery of housing improvements and regeneration within the borough. The change is substantial – from potential funding from an external partner, to exploration of a council wholly owned company as the funding vehicle.

In the light of this major change, PPCR has continued to work with residents to help prioritise their expectations into a practical and deliverable format in a climate of less financial certainty for regeneration at Northumberland Park.

Despite the problems residents feel deeply committed to see improvements. They desperately want to preserve the community and see this as the ‘red line’ within any regeneration plans. Residents want to see lasting improvements for all those living in Northumberland Park.

Please read the summary report  to find out what are the NEXT STEPS recommended towards a successful area improvements. FINAL_SUMMARY_Northumberland Park Resident Prioritis for Improvement_January 2019



Latest version of the Northumberland Park Resident Charter

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Dear Resident


Thank you for visiting our page. This is the latest version of the Northumberland park resident charter for regeneration.

We have put this together following extensive consultation across Northumberland Park through door knocking, walkabouts, street stalls and visits to residents over the past few months.

The action tracker designed to track the key outputs arising from the Resident Charter and tracks the outcomes.

We are very interested in hearing your views on what has been expressed and anything you think needs to be highlighted. Please send us your comments using the box below by Sunday 30th September at the latest.


Final version of the Baseline Expectations Report

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Dear Resident,


Thank you for visiting our page. This is the final version of the Baseline Expectation Report which details what you expect to see from the regeneration of your area.

This document forms the basis of our Resident Charter which we are currently consulting on.

Please take time to read through it and feel free to get in touch with us by email if you have any comments by using the form below.

















Baseline Expectation Report – Consultation Draft – Revised version

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Dear Northumberland Resident,

Please read the Baseline Expectation report  NP Baseline Expectations 26.03.17.  This is the revised version. We want to consult you about your expectations for the Northumberland Park estate and neighbourhood.


If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know as soon as possible but by Monday 15th May at the latest in the comment box below:


Northumberland Park – Baseline Expectations report

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Dear Northumberland Park residents,


Since last summer, you have told us about what you expect to be changed or improved through the future regeneration of Northumberland Park. Many of you participated in our survey about your housing and your neighbourhood. We sought your views at resident drop-ins, community pop-ups, school and community events and the street party. Working with your community representatives at the Northumberland Park and SALB Residents Associations we have gathered all your opinions, comments and suggestions and put together a draft report which documents your baseline expectations for the Northumberland Park estates. (see below).


We are now seeking your comments and your suggestions on the draft summary and full report before we finalise the document which will inform and influence the design of the Regeneration.


Full Baseline Expectation report: np-baseline-expectations-23-01-17

Summary Baseline Expectation report: np-draft-summary-report-23-01-17

Baseline Expectation Appendices: np-baseline-expectations-appendices-23-01-16


Please email your comments using the contact form below by Monday 6 February.






2017 – Northumberland Park, Newsletter and what’s ahead…

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Please click on the links to read the latest Newsletter and the survey Regeneration report “What could the future be for your neighbourhood?”

Newsletter np-newsletter-no-2-21-11-16

Report survey-report-sept-2016

The next Drop-in information session at the Grange, is on Thursday 19th January, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, 32-34 White Hart Lane N17 8DP.

  • PPCR will be posting the summary of the Baseline Expectation Report this week.

Link to the Council website:

To become involved with the Regeneration of  Northumberland Park:

Northumberland – Place Champions

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Place Champions Programme

Are you interested in the future of Northumberland Park?

Do you want to influence what sort of homes and green areas/facilities should be built in Northumberland Park?

The Place Champions programme which will be taking part in Northumberland Park in early 2017.

The aim of the Place Champions programme is for you to learn and think about regeneration and urban design. You don’t need any special skills just to be interested in improving your estate and local area.

Read the Place Champions leaflets for more information about the scheme, including about how to get involved.



If you would like to find out more about becoming a Place Champion please contact

Eduardo Araujo  (
Chanelle Farrell (

They will be happy to help you.

Please join in !