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CPO Drop-in sessions for Phase 2c

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On 23 March 2017 Hackney Council wrote to the leaseholders and the freeholders, living in Rosemary House, Sillitoe House and 1-4 Harvey Street – Phase 2C – who were unable to agree a purchase price through negotiation.


If you are directly affected by the CPO and have questions or concerns and you would like to speak to your Independent Leaseholders and Freeholders Advisor, Loraine Ophelia, please come along to one of the CPO drop-in sessions at the Colville Community Hall (next to Kellett House), 35 Branch Place N1 5PH, on one of the following dates:


  • Thursday 6 April, 3pm to 7pm
  • Saturday 8 April, 11am to 3pm
  • Thursday 13 April, 3:30pm to 6:30pm



Alternatively, you can also contact Loraine on Freephone 0800 317 066 or email her at

Northwold Estate

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PPCR has been recruited by the residents of Northwold Estate as their independent tenants and leaseholders advisors in March 2017.


PPCR job is to make sure that Northwold residents’ priorities and concerns are at the top of the agenda when it comes to looking at improvements to their homes and to the estate.

PPCR will work closely with you to support and represent the residents interests in discussion s with Guiness about the future of their homes and the future of the Northwold estate.


The independent advisors for the Northwold Estate are Loraine Ophelia and Pamela Kovachich. If you need advice or support or simply wants a chat about your housing please contact them on Freephone 0800 317 066 or by email at or alternatively by using the form below


Loraine Ophelia
Pamela Kovachich







To read our first (draft) Newsletter please on the link  Northwold March Newsletter Draft 23.03.17

The final draft will be posted through your letter box and a copy will be available on the Blog

Suffolk TMO

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Suffolk TMO asked PPCR for their expertise in reviewing all their policies and procedures outside of standard Hackney practice – including staff management processes, procurement and management of finance.


With the help of Loraine at PPCR Suffolk TMO achieved the NFTMO KiteMark award which recognise that Suffolk TMO provide above standard performance for staff and customers

PPCR evaluated Board and staff training needs which was delivered through In The Driving Seat courses

PPCR advised Suffolk TMO on their Business continuity planning to establish a contingency plan to deal with emergencies

PPCR also advised Suffolk TMO about collecting former tenant arrears thus creating a new service and source of income

Clapton Park TMO

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PPCR has been engaged by the Board to restructure the TMO (Tenant Management Organisation) including a review of  the staff roles with a view to modernise the organisation and provide best Value for Money


PPCR is currently helping CPMO in the detailed review of their Finance Procedure and levels of financial authority, as well as looking at the role of the Finance Manager

PPCR is advising CPMO to take a radical approach with the management of Repairs and repair procurement establishing clear set of policies and procedures for all aspects of work outside of standard Hackney Council practice


Lordship South TMO – PPCR is working with LSTMO to review their Business Plan

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PPCR has provided detailed training for staff and PPCR is currently reviewing LSTMO procedures and the Business Plan.


With PPCR help LSTMO bought cleaning and grounds maintenance staff in house from Pinnacle

LSTMO recruited two new member of staff, a Housing Benefit Assistant and an Officer. PPCR trained them both thoroughly in housing management process

LSTMO is currently reviewing with PPCR help the income from Hall Hire and Parking Permits and is looking for other sources of income


Colville Estate Phase 3 is looking for a Resident Liaison Officer – Are you interested?

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Resident Liaison Officer – Colville Estate Phase 3; Anthology

Anthology are seeking someone living on the Colville estate to become their Resident Liaison Officer. This role involves working closely with Anthology to deal with resident queries, liaise with Hackney Council on on-going resident issues and work closely with the Resident Liaison Officer within Higgins to ensure good coordination between operations that will affect those living in and around Colville.

There is a job description attached. Please have a read through and if you are interested please contact David Newey at  david.newey@anthology.lonodon or telephone 07818646060 for an informal discussion and to register your interest. We want to hear from you by Friday 27th May – formal applications will start after this date.


Purpose of the role/role overview:

The role of the Lead Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) is to maintain the relationship between residents and contractors to allow for the smooth running of the Anthology site (Phase 3). The RLO will also work alongside the full time Resident Liaison Officer on the concurrent Higgins development (Phase 2). The role will last through the development phase of approximately three years.

The role will entail working closely with key stakeholders in the area, including CETRA, Colville residents, the Council, ITLA and elected Members. The RLO will provide support as required to management within Anthology and the Architects, KCA whilst working closely with Hackney Council to ensure the development remains on course with residents and contributing to understanding the changing context.

The role will be based on site at Colville but occasional meetings will be held off site at the developer’s office in Central London or other site visits may be required.

General duties/Key responsibilities:

 Maintain good working relationship with developer on Phase 2 through the Resident Liaison Officer. Pick up on common themes and action where needed.

 To produce weekly reports on project progress and issues raised for Anthology. Template reports to be provided.

 Attendance of resident meetings which may occur outside of working hours

 Deliver prompt, accurate and relevant information through written and verbal correspondence

 To minimize and manage complaints

 Offer support to residents on a one to one basis and be a buffer between Anthology, the architects and sub-contractors working on site and residents;

 To maintain up to date records of documentation

 Maintain a professional approach to working

 Ensure that all information from residents or Anthology is treated as confidential;

 Assist to organise and attend Client meetings / Resident meetings / Resident events

 To keep all lines of communication open between all parties to ensure the smooth running of the works

 Working with prospective residents, be an ambassador for the Colville redevelopment and suggest initiatives to integrate into existing community

 Maintain communication with the recognized tenants group CETRA and deal with issues raised in relation to the development

 Report to Hackney Council Officers on a monthly basis on progress. Provide written updates as required and early warning for resident issues.

 Bring day to day housing management issues to the Housing Officer.

Hours of Work and Remuneration:

The RLO’s work will reflect the phases of the development. In the early stages this may be up to 10 hours a week and at the busier times the role may require additional hours. The hours will be agreed and discussed prior to starting, however the RLO must maintain a level of flexibility as required.

The RLO is a paid role. The role will be paid in line with the London Living Wage. Payment terms can be discussed further with Anthology at interviews.