Copley RSG – Visioning Day on the 28th January 2017

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On Saturday 28th January, members of the Copley Residents Steering Group gathered at the Holiday Inn in Kensington to discuss their vision for the regenerated estate.

Lead by Amanda and Abraham from PPCR, the group worked hard throughout the day to create a common vision for the estate. To implement the vision  they discussed how to influence the regeneration, and created a strategic approach.  At the end of the day, they refined the vision and set out a mission, goals and milestones for the year ahead.

They talked in details about which types of homes, gardens, green spaces, landscaping,  spaces to socialise,  community spaces, mentoring, leisure,  children playgrounds, local shops,  public transport and parking they would like to see developed on the Estate for the whole community.  They also discuss a business model to make all this possible and viable in the long term.

Copley has a diverse cultural background, every one needs to feel included, different cultures, young and old, families and singles need to feel part of the Copley Community.

It was a very productive day for the Steering Group Members. The group worked well together. The next steps will be highlighted in the next Newsletter.

Here are some photos of the Steering Groups members at work.

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