Northumberland Park

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PPCR – Appointed as Independent Advisor for Northumberland Park

Successful housing regeneration needs an agreed “vision” and since March PPCR has been consulting with you via door-step survey, drops-in, surgeries and pop-up exhibitions.  We also worked with your Resident Associations, NPRA and SALB, to provide independent advice for all the residents and stakeholders affected by the proposed regeneration of Northumberland Park and to address questions and concerns.
To find out more northumberland-park-newsletter-march-2016


Our aims is to maximise the opportunity for residents and stakeholders to take a major role in influencing the regeneration proposals and ensuring that the community gets the best possible deal from the council’s commitments to regenerating the area.
If you have any questions, or concerns about the regeneration, and about your future housing needs, please come to the Information Day on the last Tuesday of the month between 12noon and 4pm where Pamela Kovachich or Loraine Ophelia will be able to answers your questions. In the meantime if you have any questions you can call them on Freephone 0800 317 066 or by emailing them at


As you know we carried out  “What could the future be for the future for your neighbourhood?” survey between May and June to find out what you wanted to change about your neighbour and what you wanted the regeneration to address, we also asked you if you wanted to be involved towards influencing the regeneration proposals.
Below are the links to find out what you and your neighbours said:





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