Central Hill Regeneration Proposals – Consultation, 15 October to 14 November

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The Council is to consult on the proposed improvements to the key guarantees.  The Council have been writing to all residents directly affected by the regeneration proposals – setting out the improvements and asking for residents’ comments, as well as on any other issues residents think the council should consider in the key guarantees.

Residents have received a letter and an information booklet. The information is available on the Council website as below: 



The Council will be available over the next six weeks to speak to people about the key guarantees, at a drop in event and by appointment. The consultation closes on Monday 14th November.


PPCR, your tenant and leaseholder Advisor, will be holding separate meetings for tenants and leaseholders primarily around the tenancy agreements and shared ownership lease. The meetings will also be an opportunity to provide information to you, the residents, take your questions about the key guarantees and collect any further questions relating to the Council’s current regeneration consultation.

The dates of the PPCR meetings do not clash with the council’s consultation programme and will provides PPCR with enough time to feedback any questions to legal advisor and/or the Council before its consultation period ends on 14th November 2014.

 If you have any comment you would like to pass on to the Council regarding the Key Guarantees or other issues or if you have any queries you would like PPCR, your independent Advisor, to answer, please complete the form below with your telephone number if it is your preferred way of communication.




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