Central Hill Estate

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Following an interviewing process, PPCR were selected by the Residents Engagement Panel (REP) to provide Independent Advice for all the residents affected by the proposed regeneration of Central Hill.

The Residents Engagement Panel will formally engage with Lambeth Council as a Sounding Boar for ideas. PPCR are here to assist and support the residents to develop a ‘vision’ for the area and the Community, draw out information and examine proposals in depth.

PPCR will provide you, the tenants and residents with support at groups and on 1 to 1 basis to help all the residents engage at a level that suits them.

In the coming months PPCR will be holding local meetings with residents to help achieve a common ground with Lambeth Council so that the Central Hill regeneration is a success.

You can contact PPCR, call us on 0207 407 7452 or our Freephone number 0800 317 066 (for landlines) and ask for Ron or Abraham, or by emailing them at info@ppcr.org.uk

Please read PPCR & Central Hill – 1st Newsletter

  • To find out more please visit Central Hill regeneration on the Lambeth Council website
  • There are also some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which you might want to consult.




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