About the Community Housing Trust

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The proposal for the Community Housing Trust was developed by Kingston Federation of Residents and adopted by Kingston Council last year.

The Council is proposing of setting a  Community Housing Trust to give you more control over Council housing services and how your money is spent. A CHT can focus all its time, resources, knowledge and expertise on one just thing – the provision of better housing. A CHT will concentrate all its effort on delivering high quality, responsive housing services.

CHT would be an independent, not-for-profit company wholly owned by the Council especially set-up to manage and deliver housing services. The big difference would be that the housing service will be jointly managed by a Board (made-up of elected tenants, leaseholders councillors and independent advisers – residents would be the largest group on the board).

It is important to be very clear that a CHT is not the same as a private landlord and it would not involve any change of ownership of your home. The Council will retain the housing stock and you will remain Kingston’s tenants and leaseholders, with all the same rights you currently hold. The resident-led CHT will decide how best to manage and deliver services.

In a nutshell:

  • The CHT is not about changing who owns your homes
  • The CHT means improved services that residents want to see
  • The CHT will not change your rights as a tenant or as a leaseholder
  • The CHT will be run by Kingston residents for Kingston Residents
  • Rents will not be affected
  • It is not a stock transfer
  • The CHT will be more efficient than the Council

A CHT needs Government approval before it can delivering housing services, and the Council is required to show a majority of its residents’ support the CHT. There is no ballot because, unlike stock transfer, the Council continues to be your landlord, and you remain Council tenants and leaseholders.

If you want to find out more please read on.

You can pledge your support to the Trust.




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