Cowley RMO – London Borough of Lambeth

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Cowley Estate is in the Vassall ward in the the London Borough of Lambeth. It consists of 551 dwellings in 24 blocks including The Cloisters, a sheltered Scheme. This ex-GLC walk-up blocks and medium rise infill blocks is in great need of regeneration redevelopment.

The housing management service provided by CRMO is viewed to be in the top quartile by the landlord and during a ballot conducted by PPCR in July 2013, residents and leaseholders voted for CRMO to continue providing the housing management service, rather than the service being transfer back to the landlord to provide housing management services.

PPCR were appointed by the Board to assist Cowley RMO to undertake the pre-feasibility study into the various options that might be available to it.  As part of the project, a survey test of opinion was conducted in July 2013 to gauge the opinions of residents on the Stock-Options appraisal and possible investment options for improving the stock and the estate. The results from the survey strongly support the TMO exploring further options as part of the Stock Appraisal process in order to identify solutions for ways to improve the estate as well as to improve homes to Decent Homes Standard.

Cowley Estate on a sunny day
Cowley Estate on a sunny day
Cowley Estate on another sunny day
Cowley Estate on another sunny day

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