About Us

History, Purpose and Roles

PPCR (Public Participation, Consultation and Research)  is an independent housing consultancy and research company.

Founded in 1989, we have a highly successful track record in working with all types of communities, looking to take control of their own environments and influence the
services they receive from their landlord.

Our track record and recognized expertise is in resident consultation and engagement.

We work with communities, housing organisations and government to help give local people greater control and influence over their homes, neighbourhoods and the quality of services they receive.

We are committed, energetic and passionate about meaningful community involvement, as a means of improving services and building sustainable communities. Our approach to successful engagement is summed up by quoting from the Kaizen Partnership whose training courses and workshops our staff have attended:

‘Engagement is process by which an opportunity is presented so that it reaches and appeals to the targeted people, who make a choice whether to take advantage of it. Needs are identified and addresses so that they can participate effectively.’

Honesty, transparency and integrity are our three core values, especially important when brokering dialogue and facilitating a constructive relationship between residents, the local authority or registered provider, and partners.

Privacy Statement If you want to know how PPCR is protecting your data and information – please click here PPCR Privacy Statement – please read to find out how we handle your personal data under the Data Protection Act, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any acts or legislation that supersede them. The privacy notice explain how we collect, hold securely and use any personal data gathered in the course of our business. It also explains your rights under the law relating to your personal data.

If you are interested in one of our training courses, would like to discuss how we could help your resident’s group or would like a quote for a satisfaction survey, please contact Abraham on 07823 526 185 or complete the form below.